Enchanted to meet you
Hi guys, I'm Sarah Puckerman, I'm sixteen years of age. I'm a short brunette who likes to party her ass off & hang out with her friends. I have loads of friends who I love to death. I'm extremely childish when I want to be but I act a lot older than I am. My brother is Puck & he means the world to me even though he's an ass. I have a ginger cat names Weasley who is like my best friend. Well not really, but whatever. I like turtles a lot. I like rap & hip hop. I want to live in Boston when I grow up because it's beautiful there. I like to dance & draw. I also sing a bit & play piano & guitar. I suck at video games which makes no sense since Puck is my brother. Andrea & I are like the plastics, screw with us & you're dead. Charlie is my best friend & we're gonna own a bakery one day because I said so. Frannie is my bitch, jokes but she's my best friend & I don't think I could live without either of those three girls. Chance is a pretty alright kid & Jeremy is the best friend a girl could ask for. They deserved to be in here because they were here for me when others weren't & probably always will be. I'm very flirty & that gets me into dangerous situations with relationships if/when I'm ever in them. Yep. That's pretty much it. If you wanna know more, ask.
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Sarah: What are you doing here? 
Marco: hmm, I see I’m not wanted. I’ll just leave then.
Sarah: No, stay, I just meant I thought you were coming to pick me up in an hour.
Marco: I couldn’t wait wait to see you.. So I figured I’d come over & surprise you. 

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